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Weekly Planner

What does this do?

The weekly planner lets you timetable you course visually like using a calendar. It’s best used when you are:

  • Making a new timetable from scratch
  • Editing a small number of classes
  • Completely re-doing your timetable and don’t have any enrolments in those classes yet

If you have already have your timetable done and enrolments processed, you are best to just edit the timetable for individual course blocks one by one.

From here on, we’ll assume you are at least slightly familiar with the ideas of periods, and blocks, and how we use them to group classes. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% on them, as once you timetable them things become clearer.

Who should use this feature?

The studio manager, course coordinator, timetable coordinator.

Where is it located?

Any staff page > Timetable tab > Weekly Planner (in the top right Action Area).

What everything does

The planner allows you to edit the timetable for a single week, and then copy that week into future weeks (generally for the remainder of the period). The timetable for each individual week can then be edited to allow for weekly changes/variations, such as public holidays, cancelled or rescheduled classes. Using the weekly planner does NOT edit all weeks in the period, you can only edit one week at a time, and then copy that week to others.

Please note that any changes for adding/removing classes are LIVE, so you do not need to “save”. If you want to edit your timetable without students seeing, you can hide the timetable from student for a single course, or hide the whole period from students, and then show it in the future (see below).

Page Settings

On the left hand side of the page, mid-way down are a number of different settings you will need to select.


Within this field you select and set the time period that you want to edit. For example, Term 3 or Summer 2018. Period will appear to students if your students enrol in a block of classes (e.g. all 8 beginners classes). If you only use casual/drop-in, term names do not apply for students.

If you want to create and enter a new period, click on the ‘New Period’ button and enter the required period information (Period Name, Start Date, End Date) and save the period information. The dates of the period are automatically added to the name.

If you need to edit a period, or hide/show it to students, click ‘Edit Period’ and make the required change/s and then save .

Classes that are scheduled in the selected week, but are not in the selected period will appear faded, however they can still be edited.

Show Week Including

Within this field you pick which week you want to edit the timetable for. You can pick ANY date in that week.

Filter Classes

Used to ‘filter’ the classes shown, such as location, staff, or equipment. This function is mainly for studios with more than one location, so they can focus on editing the timetable for location A, and then hide those classes and edit location B’s timetable.

Add New Timeslot

Once you have picked the week to edit, you need to add what times the classes start. Add New Timeslot is used to enter the time slots for classes. For example, 10:30 in the morning will be shown as ‘10am’ in the first field and ‘30’ in the second field. Once you have entered the time, click on the ‘Add’ button to add that time to your timetable. You will need to add all the times that you have classes, e.g. 6pm, 7pm, 8pm. etc. Once you have added the timeslots, you will have an empty grid.

If you add a timeslot and want to remove it, it will automatically disappear when the page is loaded next time. We only show the slots that have classes in them.

Copy to Other Weeks

This is discussed later in this section, after we have created our initial timetable.

How to use it

Once you have

  1. selected the period to edit,
  2. selected the week to edit, and
  3. added your timeslots

you’re ready to add your timetable! You will now have a an empty grid showing the days of the week, with a + in each timeslot. For each class you need to schedule, click on the + and a search box will appear showing all your courses. Search and pick the correct course. This class is now timetabled on that day and time.

You will now see the course name appear and a number next to it:

Each class is shown as a color coded block, showing the course name (left) and the block number (right). The block numbers will auto-increment, so when you add a second Beginners class, it be Beginners #2, etc. If you have students that enrol for the whole period (e.g. Beginners is one a week for 8 weeks), then students will enrol/attend ALL classes of that block number in that period.

A completed timetable showing Beginners 5 times a week, Intermediate 3 times, and Advanced twice.

Editing a class

That class isn’t yet ready for enrolments. Click on that class and you will be able to set edit the options for that class:

The top two settings affect the whole block that class is in, the others only affect at that specific class.

BLOCK: Block Nickname

The nickname of the whole block. When students enrol in the whole block for Wednesday 7pm classes (all 8 weeks), the course coordinator will get an email saying that “Sarah enrolled in Beginners Block 1”. To make this more useful, instead of referring to the block as “Block 1”, you can set a nickname to use instead, e.g. “Weds 7:00pm”. This nickname is also visible to students. We automatically show the course name, so if you set a nickname, the nickname doesn’t need to have the course name in it.

BLOCK: Max Enrolments

The maximum number of students that can enrol in this course. Staff can enrol additional students if they desire, this limit only affects students enroling themselves, and when we report class capacity.

The other settings below those only affect that single class:

CLASS: Begin Time

This is the time the class begins. This has already been set based on the day/timeslot you added the class to, but can be adjusted here.

CLASS: Duration

You can set the duration of the class. A single class cannot go longer than 24 hours.

CLASS: Requires

You can now pick which staff are taking this class, where it is located, and any equipment or other resources the class requires. You can pick as many of each as required.

For your staff, you can change their pay rate for that class in a number of different ways. The default pay rates will be those set on their profile. For more information about setting the pay rates, look at Managing Staff.

Locations and equipment can have a cost associated with them, this will then be used for calculating the total

Adjusting the Timetable

Classes can be selected and manually ‘dragged’ and ‘dropped’ around the weekly planner to set or reschedule them as you plan that week’s activities. If you need to delete a class/lesson, click on it and drag it to where it says ‘DRAG HERE TO DELETE’.

Copying this week to others

Once you have your timetable for that week set, you can copy this one week to the other weeks. This feature is used to copy/duplicate the timetable from a single week to others (generally to copy the first week of a period into the rest of the period). You can:

  • Make copy your timetable into future weeks.
  • Copy your timetable from a previous period into a new one. This means you don’t have to make your timetable from scratch each period.

If you haven’t yet timetabled your first week, please see the above sections, then come back here.

To copy your timetable, click the Copy on the left side of the page where you were able to add the timeslots. In this dialog we need to know a few things:

  • Copy Classes for Week: What week we’re copying. We copy classes in the selected week from Sunday to the following Saturday.
  • Start Date (Inclusive): What date do we need to start copying classes into. This is normally the week AFTER the week you are editing/copying from.
  • End Date (Inclusive): When are you wanting to copy this timetable to? This is normally the last date of your period.
  • Only Copy Classes From: This allows you to copy ALL classes on your timetable, regardless of what period they are from, or just copy classes from a specific one. This is only used by studios that have overlapping periods.
  • Copy Classes Into: This allows you to pick what period the new classes will go into. If you are copying week 1 of your period into the remainder, then it will be that new period. However if you are timetabling a new period from scratch, you can copy a week of a previous period, into the new one. This allows you to make any changes in week 1 of the new period, and then copy the updated week to the remainder of the period.
  • Replace Existing Classes: If you already have existing classes (for example you have copied the timetable before and need to re-copy it to make a change, this setting allows you to delete ALL course classes in between the dates you selected, and replace them with the new classes.Warning: This means that any casual/drop-in enrolments in those classes will be cancelled! Block enrolments will NOT be affected, as the students enrolled in block will be automatically enrolled in the new block classes that will be copied. E.g. if they were enrolled in all Beginners Block #1 classes before the copy, they will be enrolled in all Beginners Block #1 classes after the copy (even if the classes for that block has changed time).

Exporting, downloading, and embedding your Timetable

You can easily export, download, and embed your timetable in a number of different ways.

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