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Timetabling/Scheduling Your Classes

We handle classes by grouping them into blocks. These blocks are then used to allow students to enrol into the whole block (if you allow that), or just for simpler management and reporting (e.g. how profitable are classes in Block 1 versus Block 2). The blocks are then grouped into periods, so we can compare blocks in Summer, versus those in Winter (using the seasons as example periods).

Before you jump in and do your timetable, learn about about periods and blocks here.

Once you have all your courses created, there are two main ways to timetable your classes:

  1. Weekly Planner: Best for new users or when you’re timetabling a new period from scratch, or adjusting an individual class.
  2. Course Timetabler: Best for when you have an existing timetable and need to make bulk edits.

Exporting/Downloading/Embedding your timetable

You can export your timetable in a number of different ways:

  • To export a static version of your timetable (as an image or HTML) as it exists right now, you can export your timetable here.
  • To embed a dynamic version of your timetable (and other content) into your site, you can embed it here. This means that any changes to your timetable will automatically appear on your own web site.
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