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You’ve setup finished the wizard, what now?

The final step of the setup wizard will be asking you what other features you will be using. This lets us create a “to-do” list that appears on the right hand side of your home page when you login to your studio.

In order to get a bare minimum studio up and running, you’ll need to complete the following after finishing the setup:

  • Head into the Settings page: This lets you review and update anything that relates to your studio, including linking your Stripe account if you haven’t already. This could also be to add additional rooms or locations, or update your studio’s branding for emails, etc.
  • Create your courses: Before we can do your timetable, we need to make a course for each one you teach, e.g. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This tells us how courses are run (as blocks of classes, or just casual/drop-in), pricing, cancellation policies, etc. Whilst we can timetable individual courses, first off we recommend creating all your courses.
  • Do your timetabling/schedule: Once you have all your courses created, you need to tell us when they run. Once we have this, you can open enrolments for students!
  • Running the studio: Become familiar with your daily tasks and how to run the studio.

After That

Anything beyond the above isn’t needed to start taking enrolments, unless your studio requires the use of memberships (i.e. recurring billing), vouchers, punch cards, or other forms of credits.

Beyond that, if you offer retail products for sale (clothing, consumables, etc.), head into the retail section of the documentation.

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