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Memberships allow you to provide contacts with a number of benefits (both discounted/free and retail inclusions), and charge for those benefits over a number of “renewals” where they receive all or some of those benefits upon each renewal.

Creating a Membership

Contacts subscribe to Membership Templates you create. These define the discounted/free inclusions and retail products that ALL contacts subscribed to the membership get. This is done in:

Retail > Action Area > New Membership Template

If you edit a Membership Template that has existing subscribers, you will be asked if you want to apply those changes to the existing subscribers. If yes, the system will update the current membership template. If not, it will create a NEW Membership Template so existing subscribers can continue their subscriptions without being affected by the new changes.

Purchase and Renewal Workflow

The workflow for a membership works as follows:

  1. You create one or more Membership Templates that define the billing, inclusions, and other benefits for a membership. This is done in:

    Retail > Action Area > New Membership Template

    For each membership template, you need to define:

    • Billing (fees and number of renewals)
    • Discounted/Free Inclusions (e.g. included classes)
    • Retail Inclusions
  2. Someone subscribes a membership from the templates you’ve made (using one of the methods below), an invoice will be created (possibly with money owing if there’s a sign-up fee). Note that this first invoice does NOT count as the first “renewal”, it simply acts to charge the sign-up fee and actually sign them up onto the membership.
  3. When that initial invoice is created, the system will make the first renewal invoice, with the first renewal fee as a line item. When the renewal invoice is created (even before it’s paid), any inclusions (discounts, or retail items) will be added to the invoice. The system will create any of the free or discounted inclusion as discounts for the user. It is these discounts that grant them all the membership goodies. Please note that these are created automatically when the invoice is created, but they are disabled until the renewal invoice is paid in full, either online or manually marked as paid by you. When the invoice is paid in full, the discounts are automatically enabled.
  4. If the membership includes discounted or free inclusions, the user will make the purchase, and it will be discounted by the appropriate discount. If you are manually processing a sale/enrolment, you must press the “apply discounts” button to automatically apply the best pricing offered by the contact’s active discounts.
  5. Whenever the next renewal time comes around, step 2 will be repeated for every renewal thereafter. Please note that when a membership renewal occurs, any discounts remaining from the last renewal will be voided.

Manual Renewals

To create a manual renewal, you must go into the subscription. This is usually done by going into the contact’s profile, going into the membership section, and then selecting the membership of choice. When viewing the membership subscription, the dialog will show a “renew button”. Clicking this will let you choose to create the next renewal invoice, and either automatically bill the contact’s default payment method, or not record any immediate payment. Memberships will auto-renew if enabled until the maximum number of renewals has been reached.

Adjusting Renewals

Subscriptions for individual contacts can have the following things changed at any time:

  • The number of total (and thus remaining) renewals.
  • The next renewal date.
  • Whether to auto-bill the contact upon renewal.

To change these, go into

Contacts > Select their Profile > Memberships section > View their subscription > Adjust the settings

Selling a Membership

You can sell a membership three ways, depending on the use case.

Online Store Purchase

For this to work, you must have the membership template as visible to students, and available for purchase in the online store. Students can login, go into your online Store, add the membership to their card, and then checkout, paying the sign up fee. When students sign-up to a membership, the system will ensure they have a valid billing method for future renewals. The first is created to subscribe them, which is paid by them immediately if you require immediate payment for online retail, and the first renewal is then created, auto-debited from their account, and the benefits then enabled.

As item on an Invoice

You can add memberships to invoices manually, letting you adjust or remove the initial sign-up fee (if applicable). To do this, go into:

Quick Access menu (Gold Star in the top-right) > New Invoice > Select the contact > Add the membership > Adjust item pricing if needed

You can then add other items to the invoice as needed. Once ready, click save. Once you click save, the initial invoice is created, and the first renewal created as previously described.

Please Note: If you manually sell the item on the invoice, the system will NOT check if the contact has a valid billing method. You must do this manually by going into their profile and then “Payment Methods” in the Action Area.

Manually Applied to Contact

You can also manually apply a membership to a contact by going into the membership template in Retail. When you view the membership, the dialog has a “Apply Membership” button that will let you select a contact to subscribe. As with adding the membership to an invoice manually, the system will NOT check if the contact has a valid payment method on file for renewals.

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