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This service is run by Setore International Pty. Ltd., a private company incorporated in Australia. Given the changes internationally around data management, we seek to be as upfront as we can around how we use and share your data, regardless of where you are from, and where the businesses you interact with are located. As a general policy, we try and adhere to the “don’t be a dick” motto.

Data Collection

In order to provide the services we do, we require user and business information. This is either required for us to provide the bare minimum service, or has been set as required information by the businesses (studios, retailers, etc.) that use us. This additional information has been deemed to be required by them to provide the services they provide to you.

User accounts on our platform are linked across the different businesses you interact with, allowing you to have one profile that can be used at any of the businesses that use us. At a minimum, we as a platform require your email and name in order to use our service. This information is captured at sign-up. Additional information captured may be shared with the other businesses you interact with using our services, allowing them to provide the requested services to you.


In order to provide the required services, we use cookies which are small text files stored by your browser on your computer. These let us do simple things like track your session (including if you’re logged in, your shopping cart, etc.), as well as track how the site is performing for analytics, enable payments, and provide live chat support for staff using our chat tool.

On the technical side, a number of difference cookies are used to provide the above services:

  • PHPSESSID: Used so we can track your session
  • ARRAffinity: Used so that we know which of our servers you last interacted with, so we can make sure your future interactions go to the same server
  • __stripe_mid, __stripe_sid: Used by our payment gateway
  • ai_user, ai_session: Used for tracking performance and analytics.
  • driftt_aid: User for our live chat support tool


From time to time you and other users may hear from us directly for information and changes about the platform that are necessary for you to know as they may impact you. For other contact outside of this, you may request that your no longer be contacted and “unsubscribe” from that type of contact.

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