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View an invoice

View an Invoice

There are several ways to view an invoice:

  1. After an invoice has been raised, the completed invoice is automatically shown.

The Invoice Summary

The invoice summary shows a summary of a specific invoice. Within this page you can view the finalised invoice including payments, and previous invoice versions.

There are four areas in the invoice summary page.

Summary: this area shows payment activity and any staff notes for the invoice. There are two action fields for this area:

  1. View Version: select the invoice version to view.
  2. Add Note: add a staff note to the invoice.

Transactions: this area shows a full history of previous transactions for this invoice.

Delivery and Pickup: this area manages information related to the pickup/delivery of the invoiced goods.
If you click on the ‘Mark as Picked Up’ button, the ‘Record Delivery/Pick-up’ window will open. Enter the relevant ‘Date’ (e.g. 28/4/18) that the item was picked-up. The item/s to be picked-up will be shown in the window. After the entering the date, click on the ‘Mark as Sent’ button.
If you click on the ‘Mark as Shipped’ button, a slightly different ‘Record Delivery/Pick-up’ window will open up. Enter the relevant ‘Date’ (e.g. 25/3/18), ‘Delivery Provider’ (e.g. Australia Post), Tracking Number (e.g. 2689123), and Notes information (e.g. despatched and enter by Jan Smith). The items despatched will be shown in the window. After completing the relevant details click on the ‘Mark as Sent’ button.

Digital Permissions: this area manages any digital permissions associated with the invoice.

Invoice Actions

There are five actions avalible in the action bar area when viewing an invoice.

Print: Click on this button to print a copy of the invoice. A separate window will open containing a copy of the invoice to be printed.

Email: Click on this button to email a copy of the invoice. A window will open up and ‘prompt’ you to type in the recipient’s email address. After doing this, click the ‘Email’ button to send the email.

Record Payment: The ‘Record Payment’ window will open. Within this window, payments for outstanding invoices can be entered. Payments are recorded either ‘manually’ or via ‘Stripe’ (refer below). In order to use the ‘Stripe’ option, your studio must be registered with that organisation.

Cancel: Cancel the current invoice.

Modify: Modify the invoice.


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