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Refunding a Payment

You can refund any payment back to the customer, or to reverse any credit recorded onto their account.

Performing a refund for the full, original amount

Payments to be refunded in full can be done so a single click:

  1. Go into the payment page (either from the invoice it’s on, or from the Payments table in either Financials tab or the customer’s profile page)
  2. Click “Refund” in the top right action area of the page.
  3. The payment will be immediately refunded in their account balance, and new “refund” payment showing on the invoice the original payment was on.
  4. For payments that were NOT “manual” payments, and were processed online through a payment gateway (e.g. Stripe), the payment will be refunded through the gateway back to the customer. Refunds back to customers will be subject to some delay until they appear back on the customer’s card/bank account given the typical delays from the banking system. This delay is outside our control.

Performing a partial refund

We don’t currently support partial refunds in a single click. Performing a partial refund, for an amount different to the amount received, is done in two steps:

  1. For payments that were NOT “manual” payments, and were processed online through a payment gateway (e.g. Stripe), the payment must be partially refunded directly through the gateway itself. This means logging into the gateway (e.g. www.stripe.com), finding the payment, and performing a partial refund on the gateway.
    For payments that were manual payments, refund the customer the amount required (e.g. by giving them cash or using whatever payment required is desired). This payment method does not have to be the same method as the payment received.
  2. Once the money has been given returned to the customer, proceed to the invoice the original payment is on, and press “Record Payment” in the top right of the page. Press the “Refund” button, and select how you refunded the customer, the amount, and enter any associated notes if required, then confirm. This will then update their balance in the system. This is the same process as recording a payment, just doing it as a refund.

Impact on End of Day Reconciliation

If you perform end of day reconciliation/cash-up, refunds will appear as a negative amount for that payment method. If you received $100 in cash as payments, and refunded $30 as cash, the end of day balance in the system would show $70. If you had only done the refund that day, and no payments were received, the balance will show -$30.

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