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Raising an invoice

Anything that is sold to customers is sold on an invoice. Invoices are raised in two ways:

  1. Creating a new enrolment automatically raises an invoice,
  2. Invoices can be manually raised for when you sell something to a user.

Manually Raising an Invoice

To raise an invoice:

  1. Click the Quick Action Menu.
  2. Click “New Invoice”.
  3. Select the contact.
  4. Complete the Add Items form.
  5. Review and complete the fields shown in the New Invoice form.
  6. Click Save to finalize the invoice.

New Invoice Form options

There are eight options listed in the New Invoice form:

Customer: Select the receiver for the invoice. If the invoice is intended for a new customer, click the ‘New’ button, and follow the prompts to create a new customer.

Date: The date the invoice is raised. To back- or forward-date an invoice creation date, alter this field.

Due Date: The due date for payment of the invoice. An option for auto cancellation can be set here:

  • To auto-cancel an invoice, if it is not fully paid by the due date, select ‘Auto-cancel if not paid’. 

Deposit Due: The due date for any deposit payment related to the invoice. An option for auto cancellation can be set here:

  • To auto-cancel an invoice, if the deposit is not paid by the deposit due date, select ‘Auto-cancel if not paid’. 

Location: The Location that the invoice is being raised from.

Already Paid: Click on the ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ button.

Already Delivered: Click on the ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ button.

Gift: Click on the ‘Gift’ or ‘Not Gift’ button.

Items Table

The items table shows the items that have been added to the invoice.

Calculate Delivery: calculate the cost of delivery for the goods ordered. The address entered in the ‘Receiver Details’ area will be used to calculate the delivery cost.
Apply Customer’s Discounts: apply any discounts from the customers account onto the current invoice. Studiobuddy will automatically apply the highest discount from the customers account to the current invoice.
Deposit Required: enter the deposit payment required.
Notes to Appear: any notes that you wish to appear on the final invoice.

Receiver Details

This area allows the receiver details to be edited.

Add Items

The Add Items form has seven tabs:

  1. Products
  2. Enrolments
  3. Privates
  4. Bundles
  5. Memberships
  6. Gift Cards and Vouchers
  7. Tickets

Select the products you want to add to the invoice. Once all products have been added, press the close button on the Add Item form.



This tab allows you to add a new enrolment to the invoice.


This tab allows you to add a Private booking to the invoice. Select the private from the list shown, and click ‘Book’ to add a booking to the invoice.

The ‘New Private Booking’ button allows you to create a new Private booking.



This tab lists memberships.

Gift Cards and Vouchers

This tab lists gift cards and vouchers.


This tab lists Tickets.

PLEASE NOTE: There is also a help support video (6 minutes 31 seconds) titled ‘New Invoice’ on this topic.

QUERY Do you need an ‘Add Item’ button on the New Invoice page (to improve functionality after at least one item has been added and ‘Add Item’ window been open/used and closed previously)?

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