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Make a payment

Manual Invoice Payments

StudioBuddy allows staff to make manual payments on sales invoices (for example, recording an in-studio cash transaction).

Payments on a sales invoice can be full or partial payments. Multiple payments can be made against a single invoice.

Find the Invoice

  1. Locate the invoice you want to perform a payment against.
  2. In the action bar area, click Record Payment.
  3. Complete the Record Payment form.
  4. Click Record Payment.

The Record Payment Form

The Record Payment form has six fields to complete:

Process Through: select from an in-store (manual) or online processing gateway.

  • For an in-store transaction (for example, taking cash or processing a customers credit card), select manual.
  • For an online transaction (charging a customer’s card or bank account via an online payment gateway like Stripe), select the relevant payment gateway from the list provided.

Payment Method: select the payment method. WARNING: If you have the “Manual” method selected, we will not process any transaction to charge people’s cards. Manual methods are when you have already processed the payment outside of PoleBuddy, and am entering it into the system.

Payment Type (Only for manual transactions): select whether the payment is a debit or refund.

Amount: the amount of the payment.

Processed At: select the location for this payment. (Locations can be used to help you track cash flow if you have multiple locations).

Notes: any information relevant to the payment (e.g. Payment entered by Jan Smith on 21/4/18).

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