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Deleting/Voiding (Cancelling) an Invoice

Invoices can be deleted or voided at any time if they are no longer required. Deleting an invoice is slightly different to voiding one, however both have the same result:

  • Deleting: For invoices that have NOT had any payment made against them, the invoice will be deleted. Meaning that it doesn’t have any impact on your actual payments and customer’s payments balances.
  • Voiding: Once a payment has been made against an invoice, that invoice is locked and cannot be deleted. Instead, it will be voided, and a credit of the same amount applied to cancel any impact that invoice had on the customer’s account.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll refer to both deleting and voiding invoices as cancelling them.

Cancelling Invoices and Payment Balances

Cancelled invoices total amount are no longer part of the user’s account balance, however, if the invoice had payments against it (refunds or payments received), they will NOT be reversed automatically when you cancel the invoice. Any payments recorded on the invoice will need to be manually processed by you (e.g. perform a cash refund to the customer), depending on what you wish to do with the payments.

Cancelling Invoices and Enrolments, Stock Purchased, and Gift Cards/Vouchers

Cancelling an invoice does NOT automatically:

  • cancel/withdraw any enrolments
  • void any vouchers, gift cards, or other benefits

It will however automatically return any stock sold on that invoice back into the inventory. If you wish to also cancel the enrolments/benefites, before cancelling the invoice:

  1. Click on the item to be voided on the invoice.
  2. If it is an enrolment, click “Withdraw”, if it is a gift card/voucher/discount, click “Revoke”.
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