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Integrating with MailChimp

PoleBuddy integrates with MailChimp to manage mass-mailing lists. MailChimp is a free service you can utilize to easily manage newsletters and other customer engagement.

PoleBuddy lets you manage and edit your MailChimp mailing lists, and automatically add new contacts onto different lists depending on their actions. For example, you can have all your contacts on one mailing lists, people that have enrolled in a beginners course on another, and advanced students on another. This lets you target different students with different things. You can also create scheduled emails and marketing funnels, so new students might get an immediate email welcoming them, and then another a week later with information about your courses, and then another one a month later giving them a special discount code. See the What’s Possible with MailChimp section below for more ideas!

Before You Continue – Backup!

Before you link your MailChimp to PoleBuddy, make sure to backup your mailing lists! PoleBuddy manages some of your lists to ensure they’re current, for example making sure you can have a list that only has students currently in you “beginners” course. This means students not currently enrolled might be removed from this list. To avoid anything unexpectedly happening, please backup your mailing lists before continuing! You can find out how do download all your lists at https://kb.mailchimp.com/accounts/management/export-and-back-up-account-data.

Enabling MailChimp Integration

All that is required for PoleBuddy to integrate with your MailChimp account is the API Key. The key is just a bunch of letters and numbers be in a similar format to:


This lets MailChimp know you have given us access to your account. You need to enter it in the Settings section of your account, so either click the gear in the top-right of any page when you are logged in as a staff member, or go into the Business section and select Settings. Once on the settings page, go to the Integrations tab, and enter your API key in the MailChimp textbox.

Finding Your API Key

You can find the API key for your MailChimp account in the “Account” section of the MailChimp web site:

What’s Possible with MailChimp

Coming soon 🙂

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