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Xero Integration


StudioBuddy provides an integration with Xero. This feature allows you to export financial data, such as invoices and payments, to Xero.

The integration is found in the financials actions dropdown When the “Xero Integration” action is clicked, you will be taken to the Xero Integration page. (If necessary, you will also be taken to a Xero login page, to authenticate your credentials with Xero).

What you can do

  • Select an account to pay into
  • Push financial data to Xero
  • Disconnect the current session from Xero

Select an Account to Pay Into

Xero requires that payments be made into a bank account. The ‘Account’ dropdown should automatically populate with the bank accounts listed in Xero. Select the bank account you wish to make payments into from this list.

If no bank accounts are listed, refresh the list via the ‘Refresh Bank Accounts’ button.

Push Financial Data to Xero

Click Push StudioBuddy Financials to Xero.

(StudioBuddy allows you to push only contacts, invoices, or payments, via the Sync Only: buttons. However, it is recommended that all data is pushed to Xero via the Push StudioBuddy Financials to Xero button.)

Disconnect the Current Session from Xero

Click Disconnect Current Session from Xero to disconnect from Xero.

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