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Why is the customers section of Stripe empty?

Why is the customer field empty for Stripe payments?


PoleBuddy manages all payments for you. Because PoleBuddy accounts are universal, meaning students use the same account for any studio, event, or competition that runs on PoleBuddy, they financial information is actually attached to PoleBuddy as a platform, and not your business individually. This means if you have a new student that’s transferring to your studio from an existing one, then their financial information is already on file ready for billing.

Because students/customers are attached the whole platform, and not your business specifically, they don’t appear as customers of your business in the Stripe portal, and transactions/payments shown in Stripe don’t show any customer information in the customer field.There is nothing we can do to change this given it’s how Stripe handles payments for platforms. As a work around, we use the description field of each payment to provide the customer’s name and (if possible) invoice the payment was for. Unfortunately this field doesn’t show in the payments summary page – you must go into an individual payment to see this. To view it for multiple payments, click the Export button on the top-right of the Stripe Payments page, and that will allow you to download a copy of all payments for the selected dates, and have the customer information visible.

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