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Switching an Enrolment

Some days it seems like students can never make up their mind! Luckily, we can switch students from one enrolment to another in a couple of clicks.

First we must find their current enrolment, you can do this by:

  • Going into their Profile > Studio > Enrolments and viewing the enrolment.
  • Going into a class on the timetable, viewing the enroled students and clicking on a student’s enrolment.
  • Clicking on their enrolment on the sales invoice.

Once you are viewing their enrolment, there is a “Switch Enrolment” button on the bottom of the dialog.

  • Click “Switch Enrolment”.
  • You’ll then be prompted to select the new enrolment to replace the existing one.
  • When you select the class, you will be presented with a summary of what will happen financially regarding how much the student will owe for the new enrolment.
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