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Enrol a Student

Enrolling a Student

There are three different ways in which to enrol a student:

  1. via the Quick Access MenuEnrol Student
  2. via the Quick Access MenuNew Invoice
  3. via the Timetable Tab: Enrol/Wait List

Quick Access Menu: Enrol Student

This is the quickest and simplest method for enrolling students in one-on-ones, or for enrolling (at the one time) multiple students into a single class.

  1. Click the Quick Access Menu
  2. Select ‘Enrol Student’

Compete the Enrol dialog.

Enrol Dialog

The Enrol Student form has three fields:

  1. Student: Select the student you wish to enrol from your contacts, or create a new contact to enrol.
    • Multiple students can be enrolled at once.
  2. Course: The course you want to enrol the student into.
  3. Class: Select the class you want to enrol the student into:
    • If your studio uses Periods: Select the top entry for the block “e.g. Term 3 – all 10 classes” to enrol into every class for the period block.
    • Individual Class: Select a specific class timeslot to enrol into.

The form has four actions:

  1. Cancel: Exit the enrol form without enrolling a student.
  2. Add to Wait List: Place the student(s) into a wait list for future classes.
    • For example, if the classes selected are full, then you may want to place the student into a wait list.
  3. Confirm Pricing and Upsells: confirm the price to be charged for the enrolment.
    • The standard enrolment price can be overridden here.
    • If the course has been configured with upsells, you can add these to the enrolment.
  4. Enrol at Default Price: enrol the student at the default (standard) price for the class.
    • Any gift cards or discounts on the students account will automatically be taken into account.

Quick Access Menu: New Invoice

This is the most efficient method for enrolling a single student into multiple classes.

  1. Click the “Gold Star” Quick Access Menu
  2. Select ‘New Invoice’

The New Invoice form has numerous fields. For the purposes of enrolling a student, the important fields are:

  1. Customer: The student you wish to enrol.
  2. Items: Add enrolments to the invoice.
    • Click Add Item in the Items area to open the Add Item window.
  3. Pricing and Discounts: Confirm and modify the pricing options here.
    • To apply discounts, press Apply Customer’s Discounts.

After adding items to the invoice and confirming payment options, press Save to record the invoice.

Adding Enrolments to the Invoice

The Add Items window allows you to add items to the invoice, such as products, privates, memberships, gift cards and vouchers, bundles, and tickets.

  1. Click Enrolments to show the Enrolments area.

The Enrolments area has three fields:

  1. Period: select the relevant period from the list shown.
  2. Course: Select the course you want to enrol the student into.
  3. List of Days and Times: select the classes that the student wants to enrol in.
    • Click the Enrol button to add that enrolment to the invoice. Ensure that you’re selecting the correct individual class, or whole block.
    • To add multiple enrolments to the invoice, click Enrol for each period/course/class that you want to enrol the student into.

Once you have added the enrolments to the invoice, click Close to exit the Add Item dialog.

Timetable Tab: New Invoice

  1. Click the Timetable Tab.
  2. Find the class that you want to enrol a student into.
  3. Click that class.
  4. In the View Class dialog, click Enrol/Wait List.
  5. Follow the instructions for the Enrol dialog to complete the enrolment. Please note, if you’re enrolling for a whole block, you will need to manually select that class’ block, as by default the system will default to enrolling them into that single class.

PLEASE NOTE: There is also a help support video (6 minutes 40 seconds) titled ‘Enrolling a Student’ on this topic.

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