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Disclaimers allow you to create legal, and course related, information and statements which the students must acknowledge. Disclaimers also allow students to record their confirmation that they have received the required legal information (e.g. rights, responsibilities, obligations and warranties), as well as important course related information.

Disclaimers can, at your choice, require either a single click or signature on the screen to acknowledge. Disclaimer history is tracked, meaning you can update a disclaimer, and see which customers acknowledged the old version versus the new one.

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What information is captured?

The currently logged in user, their IP (internet protocol address), date time, and (at your option) physical signature on the screen, and what the disclaimer was for are all recorded and stored by PoleBuddy. For the technical out there, we also record a hash of the signature. These are available for you to review at any point in time in the Disclaimers section of the Business tab. Customers cannot view their own previously acknowledged disclaimers.

Do Students have to acknowledge every time?

For enrolments, you can optionally choose if customers have to acknowledge a disclaimer if they previously acknowledged it. This option may not be available for other scenarios such as event ticket disclaimers.

Example Use Cases for Disclaimers

Disclaimers can be used for a variety of scenarios. For example:

  1. Enrolment disclaimers, such as those required before students can take part in a particular class or course.
  2. Event disclaimers for people attending a particular event, such as a photography shoot.
  3. Retail disclaimers, such as a waiver when students purchase certain products or equipment.

ŸPLEASE NOTE: There is also a help support video (2 minutes 15 seconds) titled ‘Creating a Disclaimer’ on this topic.

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