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Processing Payments

Payments can be recorded from customers and either just allocated against that customer’s account’s balance, or directly against an outstanding invoice. You can view a customer’s outstanding balance in their profile.

Recording Invoice Payments

You can process payments directly against an invoice for a customer. To learn how to process payments, both manual and charging customer cards here.

Customer Self-Payments

When customers make purchases (enrolments, retail purchases, tickets, or anything else) and they need to make payments, they will be prompted to add a credit card to their PoleBuddy account, Because PoleBuddy accounts are shared across all studios and events, once users link a credit card, that card is now able to be used for any studio, event, or store that user purchases from. Students can add multiple payment methods, but the default card will be charged when purchases are made. Payment methods can be managed in the users profile in the Contacts section of PoleBuddy.

Manually Charging Customer Cards

See “Recording Invoice Payments” above. To charge a customers card, process the payment as usual and select “Stripe” as the payment gateway. Please note that this will bill the default card select for billing in the customer’s profile. This can be changed in the customer’s profile.

Refunding Credit Card Payments

Credit Card payments processed through Stripe can be refunded to customers. Please note that this time, only the full amount of a payment can be refunded. Partial refunds through Stripe are not yet supported.

To refund a payment, go into the record of payment (either through the invoice, your list of payments on the Finance tab, or the customer’s profile), and click the “Refund Payment” button in the action area. You will be prompted to allow the refund, before the refund is then automatically processed, the customer notified, and new payment receipt created.

Online Payments

We use Stripe for payment processing. Stripe is an international payment provider used by services such as Uber and Instagram. By using Stripe, it means we never handle your payment information, and making payments online by your customers is integrated and transparent.

Supported Currencies

We support all currencies supported by Stripe. Whilst you can accept payments from customers who have cards in almost any currency, you can only receive payments into your bank account in a single currency, currently one of:

Australian Dollar AUD
Brazilian Real BRL
Canadian Dollar CAD
Danish Krone DKK
Euros EUR
Great British Pound GBP
Hong Kong Dollar HKD
Japanese Yen JPY
Mexican Pesos MXN
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Norwegian Krone NOK
Singapore Dollar SGD
Swedish Krone SEK
Swiss Franc CHF
United States Dollar USD

If your currency is not listed above, an up-to-date list of supported currencies for receiving payments from customers can be found at https://stripe.com/docs/payouts#supported-accounts-and-currencies.

Creating a Stripe Account

When you create an account for your business your will be prompted to either create a new Stripe account or link and existing account. Creating a new account may require Stripe to contact your to verify your identity and the identity of your business.

Receiving Your Payments (Payouts)

By default, new Stripe accounts will receive daily payouts. As part of this you will be able to see all the transactions that have been included in a payout. You can also payout manually at any stage. To manage payouts and the bank accounts you receive them in, visit https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/payouts. Please note that in order to receive payments, you must have verified your business’ identity with Stripe.

Disputes and Charge-Backs

Disputes and charge-backs from customers through their card provider are not handled by PoleBuddy. If a customer files a dispute, you will receive an email from Stripe informing you of the dispute and your possible actions. You can learn more about this process and managing disputes at https://stripe.com/docs/disputes. PoleBuddy has no involvement/input in the dispute process.

Exporting Transactions (Xero, Quickbooks, etc.)

Whilst we are working on directly exporting transaction from PoleBuddy to other services, we do not currently support that except for Xero. However, you can export payments processed online, either manually or directly into your accounting package (e.g. Xero). You can view if Stripe can directly integrate with your accounting system at https://stripe.com/works-with/categories/accounting or download a .IIF file to manually import into your own software in your Stripe portal at https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/data.


Whilst PoleBuddy doesn’t at this stage offer any automation of what should happen after a payment has been processed, Stripe offers a number of integrations that let you create custom triggers for what should happen when your receive payments. For example, their support for If This then That let you create triggers for additional functionality. You can even get really crazy and make your lights flash every time you receive a payment. See https://stripe.com/works-with/ifttt for more information on Stripe IFTTT integration.

Fees and Charges

Unlike other providers, we don’t believe in skimming on your transaction fees. For current charges for processing online payments, visit https://stripe.com/pricing.

Managing Your Stripe Account

You can manage your Stripe account at any time at https://dashboard.stripe.com/account

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