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General Settings

You can access the main settings for your business in the settings screen. This is accessed by clicking on the “gear” icon in the top right hand side of the page. You must be in the desktop view to view the settings.

The settings page allows you to set information and preferences for:

  • Business
  • Locations
  • Appearance
  • Branding
  • Studio
  • Retail
  • Automation
  • Financial
  • Web Site
  • Teaching
  • Integrations


These are the core settings about your business and are displayed to students.


All businesses have at a minimum TWO locations:

  • Online: Used to track what happens online (e.g. student making a purchase).
  • Studio: Used to track what happens in person at the studio.

You can add others locations if you have more than one physical location.


Set your timezone, date format, logo, background, theme color, and background color.

Updating your logo and background may take some time to appear for other users as browsers store the logo to speed up page loading, however it will update for all users at their next log-on.


Customize templates for emails, expenses, gift cards, invoices, payment receipts, and e-newsletter using basic HTML and CSS.


Customize the wording, emails, messages that appear both before and after enrolling, and set limits for how far in advance students can enrol. Custom wording only affects the student side, staff will see the default/original wording. You can also select which enrolment screen you your prefer to use based on how your studio operates.


Customize wording of retail items and the customize any messages that you want to appear to people during checkout. Custom wording only affects the student side, staff will see the default/original wording.


Automatically send messages to users on signup, their birthday, and their anniversary of signup. You can automatically put retail discounts onto their account as part of acknowledging their support.


Customize tax appearance, link your Stripe account, set what information appears on invoices, and set default tax rates to be used.

Web Site

Customize the URL your studio uses, e.g. https://yourstudionamehere.polebuddy.com, along with custom information and links to appear on the site.


Customize settings relating to enrolment, instructor profiles, and curriculum access.


Enter details for your external services to integrate them:

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