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Staff Permissions and Access Control

All staff are normal users, and any user can become a staff member. The only different between a normal student, and your staff, is what permissions you have given them.

There are a few default types of permissions you can assign, as well as the ability to make your own permission templates.

  • Admin: Admins are the owners of your account and are granted all permissions.
  • Staff: Staff can view the timetable, and anything related to their own teaching, including students’ enrolments and profiles. They can also view/edit/delete invoices, and process payments and refunds.
  • Normal User: Normal Users are students who have no staff access at all.
  • Accountant: Accounts can access your financials, create/edit/delete invoices, process payments and refunds, and manage your accounting.
  • Event Staff: Event staff are similar to normal staff, but can also view anything related to managing events, such as tickets, attendance, auditions, etc.
  • Event Ticket Scanner: Allows you to grant permission for users to scan event tickets for entry, but not access any other information about your account or the event.

Promote a normal user to staff

The first step to adding a new staff member is to make sure a contact exists for that user.

Promote a normal user to staff, go into their profile in the Contacts tab. In the top right Action Area drop down is Manage Staff Access. Select that and you can manage what permissions the user has for your account.

You can assign users a template, and then customize individual permissions by ticking the relevant permissions to get the setup you want. You can also manually assign an expiry to each permission, allowing users to only have that access until that date.

Making your own templates

In addition to the default templates, you can click “Create New Template” to make your own. This will allow you to name the template, and pick which permissions are included.

Once you have created a template, it will appear alongside the default templates. Please note that once you assign a template to users, if you edit that template, those new/revoked permissions will NOT automatically apply to users who have been granted that template. You will need to update each user by re-granting the template, or adjusting the permissions individually.

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