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Password Resets

For security purposes, password management is completely handled by the individual user themselves, we cannot advise of people’s passwords or reset passwords on a user’s behalf.

New Users

If you have created a user profile as a staff member, the user won’t have any password set, preventing them from logging in. The user will need to do a “password reset” on the login screen to set an initial password to login with. This will require them to enter the same email you used to create their account, verify the email, and then set a password so they can login. If the new user has a Facebook account linked to the same email as the user account you have created, they can use the “Login with Facebook” option on the login screen to login using Facebook, rather than having to manually set and remember a password.

Existing Users

Existing users wishing to reset their password will need to do a “password reset” on the login screen. They’ll receive an email with a link to set a new password.

References to “Auth0”

We utilize a specialist service, Auth0, for handling user logins for the web, the app, and social logins. Occasionally you may see references to Auth0 during your login and password reset workflows. This is perfectly expected as part of us utilizing their specialist services for handle and secure user logins.

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