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Creating and Editing Contacts

Creating Contacts

There are three ways to add contacts to your studio: you can add them individually, you can import them in bulk from an existing system, or they can add themselves online.

When customers join using any of these methods, you can:

Creating a New Contact

You can manually create new contacts (either users or businesses) in the Contacts section of your account. Simply go into the Contacts section, and select “”New User Contact” or “New Business Contact” in the action area in the top-right of the page.

Importing Contacts

PoleBuddy supports the bulk import of contacts in a single file, ideal for importing your existing mailing list or customer database from an existing system. PoleBuddy loads customers in bulk using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. You can import CSV files during the setup of your business, and at any stage after that. Please not at this point, PoleBuddy only supports importing user contacts, not business contacts.

To import contacts, simply:

  1. Go into the Contact section of the site and select “Import Contacts” in the action area in the top-right of the page.
  2. Select the file to import.
  3. Select if the first line in the file has actual contact information, or just headings for what the file contains.
  4. Select which columns in your file contain the information of the contacts.
  5. Preview the first 10 contacts that will be imported to ensure you have selected them correctly.
  6. Confirm the import and wait for PoleBuddy to import the contacts.

Contacts Joining Online

If your business is customer-facing (e.g. a studio), customers can find you online and join. There is no minimum amount of information a customer has to provide, other than an email and name. When customers that do not have an existing PoleBuddy account join your studio, they are prompted to review the appropriate legal disclaimers for the PoleBuddy service, as well as any your have entered in your business’ settings. Customers are then visible to you in the Contacts section of the site.

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